Women Try To Aid Orange Kitten Stuck In Drain But Can’t Reach Him

When a group of women heard the desperate cries of a kitten coming from a drain, they knew they had to act quickly. But they couldn’t reach him. The tiny feline was covered in dirt and mud. He had infected eyes and was in desperate need of help. They called their friend Leila, who had experience with rescues, and she came up with the idea of using a slip lead to safely lower it down and get the lead around the kitten’s body. With the kitten securely in their grasp, they pulled him up to safety. Once safe, the kitten, later named Archie, seemed to understand that the women were trying to help him.

Leila gave him a shot of B12 and started him on antibiotics for his eyes right away. They brought him home but noticed that something still wasn’t right. Archie had no energy and appeared to be struggling to breathe. They took him back to the vet the next day, and the test results revealed that he had pneumonia. Luckily, they caught it early, and Archie’s condition improved rapidly once he was on medication.

As Archie began to recover, he was introduced to Faye, a partner in the rescue organization RAF, who was fostering two paralyzed cats named Poe and Paisley. Poe was initially very territorial and unhappy about having another male kitten in the house. However, over time, the two cats went from jealousy to friendship, and they eventually became inseparable, often sitting together and watching birds from their cat perch.

Archie’s story took an even more heartwarming turn when a woman from the UK reached out to the rescue organization, expressing her desire to adopt the kitten. She had recently lost a cat that looked just like Archie and felt a strong connection to him. When the women looked up the meaning of the name Archie, they discovered it meant “bold and brave,” which perfectly suited the little kitten who had overcome so much.

With the help of a group of dedicated women, Archie went from a scared, sickly kitten to a healthy, happy cat with a loving forever home. His story serves as a reminder of the incredible impact that kindness and compassion can have on the lives of animals in need.

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