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Prepare your home for winter with these top energy-saving tips

As winter approaches, it’s time to get prepared to keep your home warm and energy efficient. Winter often brings higher energy consumption and increased bills, but with a few tips, you can save energy and money. Check out below our top tips to help you stay cosy and save money this winter.




1. Maximise Natural Heat

Utilising the sun’s natural warmth can significantly reduce your need for artificial heating.

By opening curtains and blinds during the day allows sunlight to enter your home to naturally warm up your living spaces. Close them at dusk to trap the heat inside.


2. Smart Use of Your Heating System

Optimising the use of your heating system can lead to significant energy savings. Program your heater to turn on just before you wake up and turn off after you go to bed, ensuring you stay warm when you need it most without unnecessary heating.

Keep your thermostat at a comfortable but lower temperature, as each degree lower can result in noticeable savings on your energy bill.

Additionally, practice zone heating by only heating the rooms you are using and closing doors to unused rooms to avoid wasting heat.


3. Make the most of natural drying opportunities

Opt for the environmentally friendly option of air-drying your clothes instead of relying on a dryer.

Take advantage of sunny days by hanging your clothes outside to dry naturally or place them on a clothes airer near a sunny window.

Enjoy the cost-saving benefits and eco-conscious approach of harnessing free solar energy for your laundry needs.


4. Energy efficient appliances

Enhance your energy efficiency by opting for modern, energy-efficient appliances to replace outdated models.

LED light bulbs stand out as a brilliant choice, offering not just cost-effectiveness but also longer lifespans and reduced energy consumption compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.


5. Sun’s out, Power’s on

For those with solar panels, it’s time to embrace the shorter days by maximising the available daylight hours.

Utilise high-energy appliances during peak sunlight hours to fully harness the potential of your solar power system. Monitor your solar energy production and usage with enthusiasm, adjusting your habits to capitalise on the abundant daytime energy generation.


By implementing these energy-saving tips, you can enjoy a warm and comfortable home this winter while keeping your energy bills in check. Stay cosy, stay efficient, and make the most of the winter months ahead. For more tips and tricks, check out these quick wins from


Happy winter!


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