This week in AI-powered martech releases: Dec. 7

This was the year AI went mainstream, so what will next year hold? My guess is that after 12 months of basking in (or being told) all the positives about AI, we’re going to get some real introductions to its drawbacks. For marketers that may mean fake content. 

AI is great at creating reproductions and the world is full of troublemakers. Put them together and you get some nerve-wracking brand safety issues. If this happens, please remember you read it here first. If it doesn’t then please forget I said anything about it.

Now, this week’s AI-powered martech releases:

  • Yahoo Advertising’s Yahoo Blueprint is a central AI suite for optimizing campaign performance. It offers data visualizations, bidding & forecasting precision, audience insights, predictive audiences, and customer value optimization. It also offers recommendations and insights for better outcomes.
  • Baresquare’s eCom Product Analyst is a free tool that provides daily insights for optimizing e-commerce product performance. It integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics and generates standardized reports, offering actionable recommendations and strategies for marketing campaigns, inventory adjustments and customer engagement.
  • Sprinklr’s Conversational AI+ lets businesses quickly deploy and scale generative AI-powered bots that can have human-like text and voice conversations. It offers a simple and efficient bot creation process with FAQ & Transaction Skill, free form conversational flows and Sprinklr Guardrails features.
  • Discuss added generative AI tools and advanced global asynchronous research features to its people experience platform. The new tools provide instantaneous summaries, themes and supporting quotes across research projects. It also enables automatic translation of interviews for global research.
  • Zoovu’s Advisor Studio is a generative AI solution for personalized product discovery and customer assistance. It creates product recommendations and customized product detail pages and has an AI-enabled assistant ZOE to answer customer questions on product pages.
  • Macorva’s Radiant AI Customer Feedback Reports automatically analyze and deliver actionable customer insights. It identifies the most critical feedback and provides clear guidance on improving customer satisfaction. It also streamlines the analysis process and enables businesses to make informed decisions based on customer feedback.
  • EKOM AI’s EKOM 3.0 is the latest version of its solution for digital storefront content generation, scoring, and alignment. It includes TruNexus Intelligence, a multi-model integration feature that accurately scores and approves optimized content.
  • Kustomer’s KIQ Customer Assist with AI Responses is a ChatGPT-powered chatbot for resolving customer issues with accurate and natural-language responses. It engages customers across channels, personalizes interactions, and integrates external data.
  • CommBox’s Era AI can generate personalized information and answer customer inquiries. It uses proprietary technology and large language models to scan enterprise knowledge sources and provide accurate information quickly through various digital channels.
  • ASKtoAI’s Memory and Personality are new features for maximizing the quality and effectiveness of corporate content. Memory stores, organizes and processes information efficiently for consistent brand messaging. Personality personalizes content with a unique brand voice and style.
  • LogRocket’s Galileo AI analyzes user experience data and identifies key areas of friction. It uses a large language model to understand user interactions and provide actionable insights, enabling product teams to make informed decisions quickly and improve user experience.
  •’s Website AI Builder simplifies website building for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Users answer three questions and the AI generates a personalized website with relevant images, design, and content.

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