Islands of Insight launches in February 2024

Publisher Behaviour Interactive and developer Lunarch Studios have announced a release window for Islands of Insight.

Islands of Insight is finally set to launch sometime in February 2024, for Windows PC (via Steam). A playable demo is now available, too.

“It’s an amazing time to be a puzzle-fan and we’re thrilled to bring the full game to players in a few months,” shares Carla Rylance, Head of External Production at Behaviour Interactive. “Created by some of the best minds in puzzle design, the world of Islands of Insight is an expansive shared world, filled with sublime landscapes, eureka moments and thousands of hand-crafted puzzles for players to solve at their own pace.’’

“To say we’re all massive puzzle fans here at Lunarch Studios is an understatement,” adds Elyot Grant, CEO and Game Director. “There are many puzzle designers credited in this project, and they are the absolute best of the best—math olympiad champions, PhDs, and legends in the puzzle community. We have thousands of hand-crafted puzzles, of many different types. It’s an astonishingly high-quality collection ranging from absolute beginner-level all the way up to mind-boggling difficult. There is something for everyone.”

Here’s a rundown on the previously announced game, plus a new gameplay trailer:

Welcome to Islands of Insight – an epic shared-world puzzle game set in a peaceful fantasy realm of ancient wonders and natural beauty. Brimming with mysterious puzzles to solve, secrets to uncover, and sublime landscapes to explore, this awe-inspiring world of floating islands is yours to discover at your own pace.

Your Journey

Play as a Seeker on a peaceful journey rich in exploration and puzzle solving. Embark on the Path of Discovery and let your curiosity guide you through a breathtaking open world where the answer is always in sight.

A World Brimming With Puzzles

From enigmas of perspective to mazes, logic problems, environmental challenges, and more, seek out and solve a rich variety of puzzles densely spread across the landscape. Each of them is carefully placed and thoughtfully crafted to be relaxing, challenging, and satisfying to solve. Puzzles also vary in difficulty, creating an experience that is both inviting to newcomers, and engaging for seasoned puzzle fans.

Exploration and Discovery

Freely explore an expansive open world filled with puzzles and secrets. Wander the landscape on foot or spread your wings to glide above it. Complete puzzle quests to unlock new areas and adventures in the campaign. There is no linear path. You can choose where to go, which puzzle to solve, and in what order – all at your own pace. The journey really is your own.

An Evergreen Experience

Discover how the lands came to be. Customize your Character. Increase your Masteries. Encounter other players on their own journeys as you explore the realm. The shared world allows for seamless interactions with friends and other players, offering a sense of camaraderie and belonging inside the game without being intrusive to your solo journey.

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