Xbox Series X gets huge price drop to $399.99

After a few weeks of seemingly retailer-driven price cuts, Microsoft has possibly cut the price of the Xbox Series X a hundred bucks off, down to $399.99.

The company somewhat randomly announced the new price via its social media, though there’s no accompanying press release or statement confirming if this is a permanent price cut.

The only hint we have at what this new price point is can be seen right at the bottom of the social post’s media clip – Microsoft notes this is a “limited time offer”, while supplies last, and apparently only in the USA.

When clicking the link from their social media announcement, users are simply brought to the main Xbox Series X console’s home page, where it proudly displays the new price cut down to $399.99.

It’s very possible that Microsoft is running this price cut for the holidays to see how well the console sells at that price point – while avoiding this being an official price cut, for now.

Furthermore, several retailers are still running even bigger discounts for the Series X from Amazon to Walmart and more, some cutting its price even more, down to $349.99.

The Xbox Series X and its lesser Series S sibling have been available since November 2020.

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