Warframe – How to unlock Dagath

With update 34 comes the new haunted Warframe, Dagath. Check out our guide on how to unlock her.

Dagath is a surprising breath of fresh air in Warframe, showing up with a very interesting theme and a pretty cohesive kit, where all of her skills manage to have pretty good synergy with each other.

Another reason why Dagath is such a breath of fresh air is because farming her isn’t too difficult or time-consuming, instead featuring a steady grind that players can clear without issue.

The first step towards acquiring Dagath is to acquire her blueprints, which can be found in a Clan Dojo room called Dagath’s Hollow. Acquiring the room is as simple as building it, and thankfully there’s no research involved when it comes to making her parts available, as they are unlocked by default.

Players can also find Dagath’s Sword Whip, Dorrclave, in this Dojo room, and both her and the weapon’s parts are easily replicated by paying a small sum of credits.

Building Dagath and Dorrclave, however, is not as easy as bringing the blueprints back to your foundry, as every part requires a special resource called Vainthorn, 102 for Dagath and 80 for Dorrclave, specifically.

Vainthorns are hidden behind the Abyssal Zone node, found in Ceres. Players need to purchase Abyssal Beacons to access this mission, which are sold by every Rank 2+ Syndicate for 5 thousand standing each.

The Abyssal Zone node is a simple level 40-45 extermination mission, and awards players somewhere between 6 to 8 Vainthorns, meaning that roughly 26 clears are needed to build Dagath and her weapon, which should cost you roughly 130 thousand syndicate standing and two hours and a half of your time.

Dagath’s parts follow the standard building time, with each part taking 12 hours and the main Warframe taking 3 days. Dorrclave is similar, but takes less time, with each part taking 12 hours to build, and the main weapon taking 1 day.

Warframe is available on Microsoft Windows (Through Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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