Top Computer Programs Every Student Should Learn

Students use computers in their everyday lives to type notes, draft assignments, and revise for exams. All these tasks require the student to use particular apps and software. Mastering software will help the student to be more efficient in his work. It reduces the time taken to complete a task while helping him to produce pristine work.

Students use unlimited software while in college based on their academic courses, hobbies, and preferences. However, the most common tasks requiring computer programs are typing assignments, researching essays, building a database for the units studied, and communicating with peers or classmates. Entertainment is also a crucial part of the learning process. Here are the top computer programs that a student should master to guarantee a smooth college experience.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is the most common document generating program. It allows a student to draft text essays, generate tables, input graphs, and prepare cover pages, among other tasks. A student can also buy a PhD dissertation online to avoid the trouble of typing throughout the night or spending your entire weekend in the library. Microsoft Office offers several programs that are important in the life of the student.

Microsoft Word

It is a text generating program under the MS Office umbrella. It allows you to type your essays, format them, build links, create bibliographies, and check grammar, among other tasks. The document can later be converted into PDF for sharing with your supervisors or the team. Most assignments will be submitted in text format and can, therefore, be generated by MS Word.

Microsoft Excel

MS Excel is for students dealing with tables and data. It makes it easier to fill data and format individual cells. You can share the data with other platforms and software without losing the formatting. Research students will also use MS Excel to generate tables, graphs, and other data presentation formats.

Microsoft Defender Antivirus

The growing risk of cyber-attacks requires a student to protect his files and gadgets. Microsoft Defender Antivirus will keep your files from attack. It is free with the other programs, reducing the cost of acquiring and using the MS Office package.

Microsoft Office package is one of the most versatile packages in the market. It provides a program for each task a student may want to perform in his academic projects. It is affordable with a lot of free features that reduce the cost for college students.


The Internet is a crucial part of the research, personal, and entrepreneurial life of any college student. Google is a simple web search software that will provide all the information you need for your academic work at your fingertips. Google ranks the results of your search in order of quality and relevance, reducing the time it takes to find the information you need.

Google has several other features that will simplify the life of a college student.

●     Google Drive

This is a cloud storage facility that will allow you to build an online database for your studies. The drive allows you to access your research materials like e-books, photos, audio recordings, and links from different devices. You can continue working on your assignment while away from your main laptop or computer. It also reduces the chances of generating multiple documents for the same essay.

●     Google Docs

It is a collaboration software with cloud storage capability. It allows you to work on documents online instead of from your computer. Your peers and classmates can also contribute to the same document, helping you to complete group assignments. Google Docs also comes with formatting and editing capability. Since the document is online, you can access it from any location as well as share it with supervisors and peers.

Google programs are accessible over the phone and through computers. Most of the features are free, reducing the cost of your college experience. The platform also tracks your activity online, providing continuity in your online activities.


Grammarly was originally an editing app. However, its value in the life of a student has evolved through the years, making it one of the most important programs a student should learn. Basic Grammarly features are free. The paid packages are reasonably priced, providing the best package for college students.

Here are some of the tasks you can perform with Grammarly

  • Polish the grammar in your essays
  • Eliminate repetitive words and phrases that make your essays mundane to read
  • Check your essay for plagiarism to make it 100% unique
  • Provide data on your writing style, helping you to improve your writing

Grammarly provides a simple interphase to use. An explanation will be provided whenever a word or phrase is highlighted. This gives you the chance to accept the correction or allow it to stay, especially if it is a borrowed word or artistic expression. You can use it as an app, add-on, or a software. It is also available for mobile.


Zoom is a video conferencing software that enables a student follow proceedings remotely. If you have traveled or are unable to attend a lecture, you can follow the proceedings using Zoom. Further, the program allows you to hold remote group discussions, share documents, and work on group assignments as though you are sitting in the same room.

Zoom is one of the easiest video conferencing and collaboration tool. In case you wish to consult with your tutor, the app will make the session more engaging. It is available for mobile phone and tablets as well.


A student requires graphic materials like banners and images from time to time. Materials collected from the field will be incorporated into assignments. Canva is the easiest program to use for this purpose. It is easy to use when editing images and preparing graphs. A lot of its features are free, reducing the cost of your college experience.

Students use diverse technology for different purposes. New programs are emerging each day, making the life of college students easier. Identify the most important programs for your tasks, master their use, and enjoy a seamless learning experience while in college.

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