Top 10 Scooters Nov 2023 – Activa, Jupiter, Ola S1, Access, iQube

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The Honda Activa, just like always beats every other scooter to the top of the sales charts; electric scooters are on a steady rise

Yet again in November 2023, the Honda Activa topped the charts with a total of 1,96,055 units sold. This is an impressive 11.98% of year-on-year growth and nothing seems to slow it down. The next scooter with a total sale of 72,859 units is the TVS Jupiter in the second position.

The year-on-year growth is 53.64% increase which points out the substantial surge in sales. The third position goes to Suzuki Access which managed to sell 52,512 units and has a growth rate of 9.14% compared to last year.

TVS Ntorq came next at fourth position with 30,396 units sold and achieved a rather stunning 78.77% of growth rate. The Honda Dio and Hero Pleasure occupied the 6th and 7th positions by selling 23,979 and 22,752 units respectively. This transforms to a year-on-year growth of 48.92% for the Honda Dio and 15.26% for the Hero Pleasure.

honda dio 125-6

Top 10 Scooters (YoY) November 2023 November 2022
Honda Activa (11.98%) 1,96,055 1,75,084
TVS Jupiter (53.64%) 72,859 47,422
Suzuki Access (9.14%) 52,512 48,113
TVS Ntorq (78.77%) 30,396 17,003
Ola S1 (81.92%) 29,808 16,385
Honda Dio (48.92%) 23,979 16,102
Hero Pleasure (15.26%) 22,752 19,739
TVS iQube (66.09%) 16,702 10,056
Suzuki Burgman (47.01%) 12,941 8,803
Hero Destini (-17.23%) 12,756 15,411

The highest increase in year-on-year growth and serving as an inspiration for other electric scooters are the Ola S1 and the TVS iQube. The Ola S1 occupied the fifth spot and had a staggering 81.92% of growth compared to last year by selling 29,808 units.

The TVS iQube sold 16,702 units in November and occupied the eighth spot with a Y-o-Y growth of 66.09%. The rise in electric scooters is evident so much so that they have started to appear in the top sales charts of the month which signifies that the Indian market is steadily shifting towards the electric future.

2023 TVS iQube ST_8366

Although it witnessed a slight dip, Hero Pleasure managed to secure the seventh position with 22,752 units sold and registering a growth rate of 15.26%. Lastly, the Suzuki Burgman and the Hero Destini make up for the list of top 10 scooters by selling 12,941 and 12,756 units respectively.

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