Tesla Full Self Driving Mode Fails, Driver Intervenes To Prevents Train Collision

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A Tesla Model 3 owner has shared footage of a near collision with a crossing train as the Full Self Driving mode failed

Below we have attached an onboard video shared by a Tesla owner capturing a very near miss with a train. The Model 3 was supposedly navigating on its own in Full Self Driving mode in poor weather conditions and the driver intervened, just managing to evade the train but ended up crashing into a pole in a rather frightening incident.

The footage depicts the Tesla driving through dense fog, which greatly limits visibility. As the vehicle nears the train crossing, it shows no signs of slowing down, even with the warning lights flashing and the train approaching. The driver only reacts at the last possible moment, taking over the controls to avoid a catastrophe.

The Tesla hit a pole causing substantial damage to the front wheel and suspension along with a cracked bumper and fender before coming to a stop. The driver reportedly suffered minor injuries but did not require medical attention. The video went viral over the last few days questioning the consistency of the technology but also highlighting the warning given by the brand.


In addition, many on social media blamed the driver for using the FSD in obscure weather conditions while driving at less than favourable speeds. The driver asserts that the FSD mode did not react the way it should by stopping the electric sedan in a similar situation in the past. Thus, he was double-checking the effectiveness of the Full Self Driving mode.

Presently, he is striving to secure telemetry data from these occurrences and is connecting with Tesla owners who have encountered similar incidents. He also highlighted that lawyers are hesitant to take up this case as the injuries were not major. As stated in Tesla’s manual, FSD mandates that the driver maintain attention to the road at all times and remain ready to intervene immediately.

Several governmental authorities globally have publicly condemned Tesla for labelling their system as “full self-driving” when it essentially functions as an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) that necessitates human intervention.

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