Taylor Swift-Inspired ‘Cat of the Year’ Initiative Spotlights 13 “Swiftie” Felines

It’s no wonder Taylor Swift is TIME’s Person of the Year for 2023. This superstar is everywhere and shining bright. But she’s not the only powerhouse in the Swift household. The Swift cats do pretty well, too. In fact, Swift’s cover photo for TIME shows off just how majestic her boy Benjamin Button can be! This incredible photograph of the devoted cat mom and her kitty has inspired Felix Cat Insurance and the Brooklyn Cat Cafe to honor Swift’s love for felines by recognizing 13 “Cat of the Year” finalists.

In a fitting tribute to the pop icon, each of these adorable and adoptable cats received a pop star-style makeover, complete with a magazine cover photoshoot. And to match their gorgeous purrsonas, each feline earned their own Swiftie-themed name, making them instantly iconic in their own right.

Helping Cats Begin Again

But this initiative isn’t just about the glitz and glamor of magazine covers; it’s rooted in a deeper cause. The “Swiftie-approved” cover stars, as they’ve been lovingly termed, are all available for adoption from the Brooklyn Cat Cafe. This presents an opportune moment for cat lovers and Swifties alike to open their hearts and homes to these deserving feline friends.

In a generous gesture of support for the café and felines in need, Felix Cat Insurance is contributing a significant sum to this cause. They have pledged a $34,000 donation in the name of Benjamin Button to the Brooklyn Cat Cafe. This donation is a substantial boost to the cafe’s efforts in supporting cat adoptions and ensuring these furry companions find their forever homes.

“With celebrity cats getting their time in the spotlight, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to connect with cat lovers and share that spotlight with other cats in need,” shared Jamie Maxfield, the Marketing Director and Brand Expert at Felix Cat Insurance.

He further highlighted the company’s commitment, stating, “Each of these cats has earned its ‘Cat of the Year’ status, and Felix is here every step of the way once these deserving felines get adopted into their fur-ever homes.”

This unique campaign not only celebrates the bond between a global music icon and her cats but also illuminates the plight of many other adorable felines awaiting adoption. It serves as a reminder that every cat, regardless of its background, deserves a chance to be in the limelight and, more importantly, to be part of a loving family.

Cat Love Forever & Always

As we celebrate Taylor Swift’s birthday and her achievements, let’s also remember the joy and companionship these “Cat of the Year” finalists can bring to our lives. There is indeed no better TIME to adopt a furry friend and make a difference in their lives. Together, we can give all cats an enchanted life.

All Photos c/o Felix Cat Insurance and the Brooklyn Cat Cafe 

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