Owners Get Off Train Leaving Cat To Complete 500 Mile Journey Alone

A sweet cat named Snowball went on a trip with his human parents. They boarded a train and headed for their destination. As the train traveled through multiple towns and cities, the cat looked out the window, bewildered by the sights and sounds. Snowball felt safe with his parents, often drifting to sleep on the seat beside them. Then, suddenly, the train came to a stop. While Snowball continued to sleep, his owners got off the train and walked onto the platform. Snowball’s humans proceeded to walk away, leaving the poor cat behind.

When Snowball awakened, he was quite confused. Where did his owners go? After searching around, it became obvious: the cat was accidentally forgotten– or so he thought. Snowball knew they’d come back for him as soon as they realized he was missing. But that wasn’t the case at all.

The train continued, and Snowball grew anxious. He had no food or water and went unnoticed by other passengers. He finally worked up the courage to wander about the cabin, hoping to find a kind person to give him sustenance. But the passengers merely shooed him away.

On the grueling 500-mile trip, Snowball, hungry and afraid, waited for help. Thankfully, a compassionate woman saw Snowball and picked him up. It was obvious that he had been abandoned. She vowed to never let him suffer again! The woman exited the train with Snowball in her arms. She brought him home, giving him the life he had always deserved. While Snowball’s tale is tragic, he ended up exactly where he belonged.

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