New AI-powered martech releases: Dec. 14

Let’s do some good with ugly holiday sweaters and AI: The Food Group agency has set up a site for people to “knit” a holiday sweater by adding their favorite foods and beverages to a genAI prompt. For every sweater submitted, The Food Group will donate 10 meals to Feeding America. They want to donate 50,000 meals this month, so go here to contribute. (At right, my sweater made of egg nog, mom’s homemade cookies, plum pudding and fruit cake.)

Now, here are this week’s releases, upgrades and features:

  • Dstillery’s Audience Brief Genius matches advertisers’ audience briefs with the best audiences from Dstillery’s taxonomy using OpenAI’s technology.
  • Unacast has partnered with Google Cloud to leverage Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform and Unacast’s location analytics platform to power Unacast’s gen AI chatbot, Una, which provides location intelligence to customers.
  • Cloudinary’s generative AI enhancements to its Programmable Media API and Cloudinary Assets, enable users to edit images at scale and accelerate time to market for their assets.
  • NIQ’s NIQ Ask Arthur integrates with the Discover platform and provides users with AI-assisted global search, personalized recommendations and AI-generated insights within reports.
  • CommerceHub has rebranded as Rithum and acquired Cadeera, which will strengthen its AI capabilities by using AI to power product onboarding, search and discovery for its commerce customers.
  • Keywords Studios’ Helpshift’s new AI capabilities include AI-Powered Answers, Smart Intents and Language AI for Multilingual Support, which improve the consumer support experience for modern brands.
  • Freepik’s Freepik Pikaso is a real-time sketch-to-image generator that uses LCM AI technology to create AI images from sketches, icons, prompts, or webcam footage. The tool also has an upscale feature that improves the quality of any image up to 4K resolution.
  • InMoment’s XI Platform has added Generative AI-Infused Active Listening to produce sophisticated and detailed prompts for richer feedback collection in any language. The Active Listening Agent Library contains settings to create context-sensitive, voice-appropriate prompts for respondents to share feedback. Also, Smart Summaries for Impact Prediction creates a summary of the likes, dislikes and opportunities for improvement within a sample set of documents. Competitor Analysis Alerts delivers monthly competitive insights from reputation management and experience analysis directly to stakeholder emails.

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