Kitten Urges Woman To Take Him Home, Melts Like Butter In Her Arms

When Dean, a stray Tabby kitten, arrived at the shelter where a kind woman volunteered, he was in a terrible state. He was very sick and had a severe eye infection that eventually caused him to lose vision in one eye. Every day, she would go into the shelter and immediately seek out Dean to check on him.

Dean’s response to the woman’s presence was heartwarming – he would jump to the front of the cage, and when she picked him up, he would melt into her arms like butter. Dean was the sweetest, cuddliest kitten she had ever met, and she knew she couldn’t leave him behind.

During his first four weeks with his new mom, Dean stayed in her kids’ room so he didn’t get overwhelmed. He received lots of snuggles and cuddles. Mom carried him around everywhere, showering him with love and affection. It was clear that Dean was a special cat, and she couldn’t help but fall in love with him – especially since she has a soft spot for Tabby cats.

Dean loves to go outside and watch birds. Whenever he sees one, he chatters excitedly. As his love for the outdoors grew, Dean began to meow at the door, asking to be let out. While Mom plans to build a “catio” for him eventually, he currently has a tunnel and tent system set up for him so he can watch birds safely. Dean loves his outdoor setup – he runs to the cat tent and waits for his mom to zip it up before settling down to enjoy the sights.

Despite weighing a hefty 16 pounds, Dean loves to be carried around like a baby. His mom’s shoulder may ache from his weight, but he doesn’t seem to care – he goes all floppy in her arms, content to be held and loved. His mom often describes Dean as an angel in a cat suit.

Dean’s unique appearance makes him even more handsome. He looks like a pirate, and some people even say that the eye he lost his vision in looks like a gemstone. While he gets along with other cats, there’s one exception: Gina. Gina is nothing but mean to Dean despite how much he loves her.

His mom’s family often teases her about how much she loves Dean, and she admits that she may have created a monster in some ways. He’s a very needy boy, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. To meet Dean and witness his adorable nature, play the video below.

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