House Cat Left By Owners Tries To ‘Find Love’ By Going Door To Door

Jupiter’s callous owners left him behind when they moved four years ago. Once a beloved pet, the cat had to learn to fend for himself. The rescue group Cats of San Bernardino read about Jupiter on Instagram. The post said, “This cat keeps trying to come into our house.” It was obvious that he longed to be back inside, warm, safe, and cared for. Moved by his story, the rescue group decided to intervene, determined to give Jupiter the loving home he desperately missed and deserved.

One rescuer, Jaina, said the first thing she noticed when she saw Jupiter were his sad eyes. It broke her heart. How can anyone leave their pet behind like this? It’s unfathomable! Now it was time for Jupiter’s rescue. Once he was safely in a crate, they noticed the kitty was pretty beaten up. Being a house cat, he couldn’t compete with feral felines.

Neighbors told the rescuers that Jupiter liked to tend to kittens while on the streets. They decided to put rescue kittens in Jupiter’s bed to see how he’d respond. Jupiter’s reaction is too cat-tastic to miss! To meet Jupiter and see how the story turns out, check out the video below.

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