Guy Notices Kitten Caught In Dumpster, But Rescue Group Won’t Call Back

Stories like this prove that there are people in the world with giant animal-loving hearts. One guy, named Gary, who was on his way to his next delivery, stopped dead in his tracks when he heard tiny meows coming from inside a dumpster. When he stopped to investigate and look inside, he couldn’t find the source of the cries. But once he moved the rubbish around, he saw a kitten at the bottom. The little one appeared to be stuck. When Gary peered underneath, he was in awe. The kitten’s tiny head was stuck in the dumpster’s drainage hole.

The kind man called a local rescue group, but they didn’t answer or return his call. He knew he had no choice but to ask for help nearby. Thankfully, an engineer stepped forward and sprung into action. He covered the kitten with a towel and carefully used a grinder to cut away the plastic. After considerable effort, the kitten was freed from the dumpster, but his head and neck were still caught inside the plastic plate.

The kitten was frightened, so his rescuers soothed him with some pets. He wasn’t free yet! There was still work to be done. The engineer went back for more tools. A woman came over to hold the kitten, which seemed to calm him down some more.

Now armed with another tool, the engineer went back to work. He continued to cut away at the plate, coming dangerously close to the kitten’s neck. Would the mission be victorious? Will the kitten reunite with his mom? To see how the rescue turns out, watch the video below.

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