AI-powered martech releases and news: Dec. 21

Good news if you are running very late on dealing with holiday cards like I am. AI is here to help! Digital United has launched the free-to-use JingleBot HolidAI (I see what you did there) Card Generator. You can personalize it yourself or let the AI surprise you! What could go wrong with that?

Here’s my robotic dog wishing you a Happy Lunar New Year. I especially like the random capitalizations.

Now this week’s releases:

  • Adthos’ AI audio platform has a new feature that can create audio ads from pictures. Users can upload any picture and get a fully produced audio ad with a script, voice, music and sound effects in minutes. The platform uses AI to analyze the picture and write a creative brief that matches the brand, style and audience for the picture.
  • Folloze’s added Folloze GeneratorAI to its no-code B2B Buyer Experience Platform. It is a content engine that helps marketers accelerate the go-to-market (GTM) process by creating targeted and personalized campaign experiences at scale. 
  • Zeotap’s AdaTM is a  conversational AI solution added to the company’s customer data solution. It is powered by the PaLM-2 model and can be used for for tasks such as audience segmentation, analytics and customer journey building.
  • D-ID and LivingAI have released a new integration that lets businesses create personalized email videos using AI avatars. It works with any email service provider and lets businesses generate video avatars that speak customized content to each recipient. The integration can create hundreds of thousands of email videos in minutes, improving digital marketing and customer experience outcomes.
  • TapClicks’s AI Assistant leverages OpenAI’s ChatGPT to generate AI-powered summaries and insights from campaign data. The integration uses data from TapClicks Automated Data Warehouse and creates concise and actionable reports in seconds. The integration helps data managers to save time and effort and to easily incorporate AI-generated insights into TapClicks dashboards and reports.

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