2023 in review: Our top 10 articles on marketing automation

Year’s end is the perfect time to review all the lessons learned in the last 12 months. So we’re putting together 10 of the most popular articles by our SMEs from 2023 on different topics. Today: marketing automation.

  • The email marketer’s guide to effective marketing automation by Ryan Phelan. Learn smart ways to implement email automation. Use transactional, trigger and journey emails for higher engagement and conversions.
  • The 3 Rs of marketing automation: Relevance, response and ROI by Stephanie Trovato. Uncover the transformative power of marketing automation to elevate your ROI, nurture leads and create unforgettable customer journeys.
  • 6 marketing automation use cases where AI can help with data quality by Milt Hwang. Will AI help address age-old marketing issues or just add more complexity?
  • 6 simple automations every B2B organization needs to have by Ali Schwanke. Discover fresh ways to apply automation in your B2B organization. Enhance customer experience, improve efficiency and drive growth.
  • The future of outbound marketing in an omnichannel stack by Tony Byrne. Enterprises want key services to operate omnichannel, yet outbound marketing platforms are becoming outdated. Here’s how it might change.
  • 6 must-have, underused email marketing automations by Summer Deeb. Learn the potential business impact and benefits of implementing these six email automation workflows.
  • AI-powered marketing automation: How to make it work for you by Greg Kihlstrom. AI and customer journey orchestration can take your existing marketing automation approaches to the next level. 
  • Marketing technology optimization: The path to peak martech stack performance by Gene De Libero. Discover how to streamline your martech stack, drive real ROI and improve customer experience.
  • AI marketing automation: How it works and why marketers should care by Milton Hwang. Data quality, campaigns/lead management and workflows/integrations are all destined for an upgrade.
  • How to create a CDP worksheet from your use cases by Greg Krehbiel. Getting the right mix of front-end and back-end functions is key to your CDP evaluation and implementation. Start with your use cases and build a worksheet.

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