2023 in review: Our 10 top articles on CDP

Year’s end is the perfect time to review all the lessons learned in the last 12 months. So we’re putting together 10 of the most popular articles by our SMEs from 2023 on different topics. Today: CDP.

  • How CPGs can realize the value of first-party data with a CDP by Jeremy Brugger. Consumer packaged goods brands can drive ongoing marketing ROI by harnessing the value of first-party data through a customer data platform.
  • Making sense of composable CDPs: What martech buyers need to know by Craig Howard. Explore the facts and fiction surrounding composable CDPs and how to make them work for your organization.
  • Composable CDPs: How do they differ from packaged solutions? By Craig Schinn. Choosing between composable vs. packaged CDP is not straightforward. Here are key considerations to know before making a decision.
  • The limitations of ‘real-time’ CDP use cases by Greg Krehbiel. Just because a CDP can do some things in real time doesn’t mean it will be able to do everything you want to do in real time.
  • Customer data debt: The hidden obstacle to CDP success by Tony Byrne. Resolve customer data debt and let your enterprise harness the power of CDPs for improved marketing outcomes.
  • How to make AI-driven segments work in composable CDPs by Craigh Schinn. Here are key considerations when starting or expanding AI usage in your composable CDP.
  • 4 CDP strategies to unlock the power of first-party data by Jason Ward. Here are ways brands can ensure they’ve got the customer data they need for a successful CDP implementation.
  • Should you use your data warehouse as your CDP? by Apoorv Durga. There’s a case for and against using your data warehouse as a customer data platform. Here are three ways to make it work.
  • The CDP connector myth by Tony Byrne. Watch out for CDP vendors claiming to have diverse connector catalogs that match up well against your stack.
  • 3 points to consider before implementing a CDP by Alicia Arnold. Brands will continue to invest in CDPs over the next few years. Here are some key points you should address before plunging in.

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